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Eureka! AP - Automated Accounts Production

Eureka! AP is an Accounts Production package that not only enables you to produce accurate financial statements with the minimum of effort, but also complies with all statutory disclosure requirements and accounting standards. Fast data entry and accurate reporting ensure the most efficient use of staff time in producing each set of accounts. Impressive features, such as automatic error checking and anomaly reporting, and intelligent condition testing for disclosure requirements, will save you time, effort and money.

Eureka! AP can generate accounts for you in ixbrl that can be filed with the Inland Revenue.

Eureka! AP features:


  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Unlimited number of years' data held
  • Unlimited number of report formats

Transaction Posting

  • Easy and rapid data entry
  • Scrolling through entries for easy amendment
  • Search facility for account codes
  • Intelligent posting to debit or credit
  • One key switching between debit and credit position
  • Debit and credit totals and difference permanently on screen
  • On screen incrementing of control account balance
  • One key viewing of nominal accounts
  • New account code creation while posting
  • Individual transaction dates may be entered
  • Narrative entry with automatic repetition
  • Working paper references may be entered

Account Codes

  • User can create specialised sets, e.g. for Retailers, Farmers, Small companies etc.
  • User can use own familiar codes or Eureka! AP codes
  • Codes may be copied from master file or from another client

Year End Routine

  • Automatic bringing forward of correct balances
  • Adjustments posted for rounding differences
  • Prepayments and accruals automatically reversed
  • Partners' profit allocation
  • Balance sheet stock automatically posted

Client Data

  • Easy entry of text required for disclosure
  • Importation of text from master file or from another client
  • Simple text amendment from year to year

Accounts Production

  • Templates supplied for all accounts and notes for final accounts
  • Complete compliance with all statutory disclosure requirements and current Accounting Standards
  • Template sets supplied to produce abbreviated, FRSSE and full company accounts; and, partnership and sole trader accounts
  • LLPs and Charities also available
  • Intelligent reporting to vary textual wording e.g. director/directors, he/she, profit/loss
  • Intelligent selection of disclosure material according to data
  • Check list produced with each report on missing or erroneous data

Other Reporting

  • Standard trial balances
  • Net trial balances showing profit figure
  • Individual nominal account details
  • Account code listings
  • Audit trails


  • Report formats updated without affecting previous work or formatting
  • Rapid response to changes in disclosure requirements

Other Features

  • Simple switching between clients and years
  • Comprehensive password protection
  • Archiving and retrieval facility for client databases

To find out more about our Accounts Production software, click the following Quick Tour  link for a short demonstration.

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