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Eureka! TR is a Time Recording and Billing system for commercial organisations of all sizes. It’s available as a standalone PC Time Recording system, or can be fully networked, with real time entry direct to the PC.

The main elements of Eureka! TR are:

  • Time Recording
  • Work in Progress
  • Billing
  • Management Information and Reports
  • Client Management, Monitoring and Tracking

Eureka! TR offers the following features:

  • Daily or Weekly Time Records
  • Unlimited Clients and Staff
  • Work in Progress – Detailed or Summary
  • 6 Billing Options to enable you to bill exactly what you want
  • Notes on Clients
  • Client Preferences and Call Back Dates (i.e. Cards, Budget Updates, Newsletters etc.)
  • Automatic Client Monitoring (i.e. Client Deadlines, Checking Books Received etc.)
  • Comprehensive Reports including:
  • Reports on Performance
  • Client Costs
  • Under/over Recoveries

Time Recording

Eureka! TR provides the flexibility to enter time from diaries, or other time records, daily or weekly by an individual member of staff. Alternatively, there’s a network option so that staff can enter time as they work (real time). Management controls in the software ensure that the time entered is accurate.

Posting information can be entered in Summary or Detail, right down to Stored Narrative of 70 characters per line if required. New Clients and Work Types can be entered when entering time, so that there’s no need to abort time recording and start again. Mistakes can be rectified easily on screen.

Work in Progress

Eureka! TR offers various ways of monitoring Work in Progress. The most popular choices are:


Eureka! TR incorporates highly flexible Billing.

Having reviewed the Work in Progress, there are six main ways to bill:-

  • Bill all Work in Progress and disbursements (or just Work in Progress, or just disbursements)
  • Bill just one Work Type (i.e. Accounts)
  • Bill up to a set date (i.e. Bill the accounts up to the end of February).
  • Bill individual lines (i.e. ‘cherrypick’).
  • Raise an invoice, carry forward an amount and try to get back next year, and write off the difference and lose from the system.
  • Bill in advance of no work in progress on the system (i.e. the case of standing orders and work yet to be put through the timesheet).

Written off work in progress is not lost from the system – it’s stored against an invoice number – keeping a complete history on the Client’s billing.

A fully automated invoice can be produced from Eureka! TR at the point of billing if required.

Management Information and Reports

Eureka! TR enables you to have full control of your business, from Client Costs versus Charges to Staff Analysis and Performance. Most importantly, it provides a full breakdown of Clients’ Under/Over Recoveries, from individual Work Type, e.g. Accounts, through to the whole job.

Reports include:

Clients not recently Billed
Under and Over Recovery – Summary
Under and Over Recovery – Partner
Staff Chargeable –v- Non-Chargeable Analysis

Client Management, Monitoring and Tracking

Eureka! TR not only produces Client Lists and Client Telephone lists, but also presents a complete picture of continuity of phone calls and discussions with Clients - information can be stored against them in Note form, and call back dates can also be entered.

Letter and label production is made easy as well, as specific criteria can be set up, e.g. Print off labels to receive a Christmas Card or Newsletter.

Eureka! TR also incorporates a comprehensive Client Monitoring and Tracking System, which provides options for setting up your own criteria, e.g. Tax Return in; Client’s Books received. A fully automated process then produces vital Management and Control Information for your business.

Help and Ease of Use

There’s a built-in Help facility in Eureka! TR, which provides an interactive aid for the user, as and when required, and the system is so easy to use that no training is required – a distinct advantage, in terms of cost and time.

You can see a quick tour of Eureka! TR here.

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