Eureka! Software’s Quantum Flexitime System allows staff to record and manage their flexitime. As the system is PC and software based there are no expensive clocking machines to purchase or install, thus dramatically reducing implementation and running costs. This locally captured data can then be analysed corporately to provide valuable time management information. 

Varying flexi recording periods may be set up to reflect the differing working patterns of staff within the organisation. Each staff member has access to their own flexi record which holds details of all clockings, absences with reason codes, whilst providing running daily totals and cumulative debit/credit balances for the flexi period. The flexi record also holds information about annual leave taken. If required, absences may be authorised by a manager or supervisor prior to the period end summary reports being processed.

main features

Screenshot of entering flexitime into Quantum Flexitime Software
  • Flexi recording periods can vary to reflect different working patterns
  • Staff can easily move from one flexi profile to another if working patterns change
  • Flexi records accessible yet protected as individuals can access their own flexi record
  • Optional absence authorisation process
  • Flexi records hold details of:
  • - clockings
  • - absences with reason codes and descriptions
  • - running daily totals
  • - cumulative debit/credit balances for the flexi period
  • - annual leave taken (totals and dates)
  • - absences authorised and/or not authorised
  • Security features prevent access to unauthorised users
  • Reconciliation of flexitime data with time input via Eureka! or other proprietary time recording solutions
  • Windows server application running as a true client/server across the local network
  • Free trial systems available


Example Period End Summary report in Quantum Flexitime Software

Although flexitime data is entered by the individual, corporate analysis is readily available using the standard built-in reports

  • Clocking transactions for individual staff members
  • Period end summary
  • Absence and sickness
  • Bradford Factor with user-defined configuration
  • Working time directive


Allow staff to personally record and manage their flexitime whilst data can be analysed corporately to provide valuable time management information

  • Enables staff to have easy access to their flexi records and leave
  • Local data captured via PC
  • Corporate analysis
  • Smaller implementation and running costs compared to physical clock in/out system
Screenshot of entering flexitime profile into Quantum Flexitime Software

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