Eureka! Software’s Time Recording application is a comprehensive time recording and billing system for accountants and professional services of all sizes. It is cloud-based (Windows version also available) and comprises the following components:

main features

Screenshot of entering a timesheet in Eureka Time Recording Software
  • Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or custom time records
  • Unlimited clients
  • Full analysis of work in progress
  • Multiple billing options allow you to bill exactly how you want
  • Export invoices to PDF or CSV (data) files
  • Client notes, preferences and call back dates (e.g. cards, budget updates, newsletters)
  • Automatic client monitoring (e.g. client deadlines, checking books received)
  • Comprehensive reports including:
  • - reports on performance
  • - client costs
  • - running daily totals
  • - under/over recoveries
  • Security features prevent access to unauthorised users
  • True cloud application allowing instant access via web browser from any device (PC, Mac, iPad, tablet etc)
  • Very easy to use with no training necessary
  • Free trials available


Screenshot of time recording options in Eureka Time Recording Software

Eureka! provides the flexibility for staff to enter time records daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or on an ad-hoc basis. Alternatively, there’s also the option for staff to enter time as they work (in real time). Management controls in the software ensure that the time entered is accurate.

Posting information can be entered in summary or detail, right down to custom descriptive narrative per line, if required. New clients and work types can be entered when entering time, so that there’s no need to abort time recording and start again. Mistakes can be rectified easily on screen.


Screenshot of billing work in progress in Eureka Time Recording Software

Eureka! incorporates highly flexible billing. Having reviewed the work in progress, there are various ways to bill:

  • Bill all work in progress for a client
  • Bill just one work type (i.e. accounts)
  • Bill up to a set date (i.e. bill the accounts up to the end of the month)
  • Bill individual lines (i.e. manually select lines to bill)
  • Bill all selected work in progress and carry forward a single balance
  • Bill work "on account" (i.e. in advance of the work being performed like standing orders yet to be entered on timesheets)

Billed work in progress is not lost from the system, it’s stored against an invoice number and therefore a complete history of the client’s billing is always retained. Also, a fully automated invoice can be produced from Eureka! at the point of billing if required.


Take full control of your business, from client costs versus charges, to staff analysis and performance. Most importantly, see a full breakdown of clients’ under/over recoveries, from individual work type (e.g. accounts) through to the whole job.

A sample of reports available:

  • Clients not recently billed
  • Under/over recovery – partner or summary level
  • Staff chargeable versus non-chargeable analysis
  • Staff time spent analysis
  • Comprehensive work in progress reports
  • Comprehensive billed work analysis
Screenshot of Under/Over Recovery Report in Eureka Time Recording Software


Screenshot of client management report in Eureka Time Recording Software

Eureka! not only produces client lists and client telephone lists but also presents a complete picture of continuity of phone calls and discussions with clients. Information can be stored against clients in note form and call back dates can also be entered. Letter and label production is also made easy, as specific criteria can be set up e.g. print off labels to receive a Christmas card or newsletter etc.

Also incorporated is a comprehensive client monitoring and tracking system, which provides options for setting up your own criteria e.g. tax return in, client’s books received etc. A fully automated process then produces important management and control information for your business.

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